Old-fashioned dads

Some call them persnickety, ... more


Rolling back excessive regulations

As your representative, I have fought to reduce burdensome and unnecessary g... more


All-Natural Headach Remedies

There are a lot of buzzwords these days, and many of them are kind of misleading.... more


Flynt and Frank

Andy and I went down to Williston, Fla., to visit a couple of characters.... more


A strong Farm Bill is good for Nebraska

As many of you know, the House of Representatives recently considered its version of the 2018 Farm Bill, which unfortunately failed to gain enough votes for passage.... more


Sometimes you’re the bug

I heard an old song the other day, it used to be very popular but now it’s considered a classic.... more


Feedlot Cowboy

Let’s put in good word for the feedlot cowboy.... more


Economic Opportunity for All Americans

With tax reform strengthening our economy and incentivizing job creation, we need to help more Americans achieve independence by bringing them off the sidelines and into the workforce.... more


Most ag producers field questions from time to time about what we do and how we do it.... more


Tough English teachers

These days there is something to celebrate every month... more


Border Collie Soliloquy

Just a word about one of the greatest genetic creations on the face of this earth...the Border collie... more


Remembering the fallen

Each year on the last Monday in May we set aside a special time to remember those lost in defense of our great nation. These brave men and women are owed a supreme debt of gratitude by each and every American who enjoys the freedoms afforded by our way of life.... more


Third International Symposium on Broomcorn Millet

Farmers in Colorado, western Nebraska, and South Dakota grow almost all of the nation’s proso millet. ... more


Naked gardening

I must start with an apology. ... more


Nitwit Wisdom

Nitwits are partial to wisdom... more


In service to Nebraska

When Congress is not in session, I spend time traveling throughout our state to meet with hard working Nebraskans and hear their concerns.... more

Why vote?

This week, I voted in the Nebraska Primary Election. Why did I vote?... more


Celebrate National Beef Month

May is national Beef month, a time when everybody is celebrating the good nutrition and great taste of beef.... more


Commercial air service good for Nebraska

Commercial air service is vital to our nation’s economy and this is especially true in rural parts of the country.... more


Why support the troops?

There’s a colorful, hand-painted sign in the window of a downtown Kimball government building... more


The Cry Box

I just read an astounding story about a university in Utah. It seems it is finals time, so students are working hard. They are getting very stressed out.... more


Classified Ads (Interpreted)

COWBOY (at least own a hat), REMOTE CAMP (applicant must be able to work a parachute), SELF STARTER (rooster furnished).... more


Excellence in economic development

Promoting economic development in our local communities is a crucial part of ensuring the benefits of tax reform and reduced regulation work for the benefit of all Americans. ... more

Real People

The last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of this month will be Memorial Day Weekend.... more


Spring Cleaning

Although you can’t tell by the weather, the calendar tells us it is spring. This is the time of year when many people like to do spring cleaning. ... more


I was only trying to help

It is a wonder that some vet students don’t get discouraged. I don’t mean from the grueling hours of study, the four years without sleep or the daunting specter of trying to cram ten metric tons of knowledge into a six-ounce brain.... more


New tax code deserves a new IRS

This week, the House of Representatives passed a number of bills aimed at reforming the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and updating its antiquated systems and policies. ... more

Common sense and a lonely rifle

The other day I happened to catch part of a television weather report. ... more


Guy Language

Men and women are different, everybody knows that. Sometimes they’re so different you might think they came from different planets. ... more


The Day the Ranch Changed Hands

I first met the crew in the bunkhouse the day that we bought the 4 D’s.... more


Balancing the Federal Budget

This week, the House of Representatives considered House Joint Resolution 2, to amend the U.S. Constitution to require a balanced federal budget. This would be an important first step toward rectifying our financial situation because we have a long road ahead if we intend to pay back the more than $21 trillion in debt we currently owe.... more

Cow temperament

As I grabbed the hind leg of a new calf, preparing to weigh, tag and vaccinate it, the cow came at me with a will. Bellowing and snorting, she drove her head into my midsection, flinging me back about 15 feet with the power of 1,000 lbs. of adrenaline-fueled protectiveness.... more

Toxic forbs: Not all that is green is good for livestock

As grass and sedges green up across range and pastureland in the High Plains, so do forbs and shrubs.... more


Banned Words

I just read an interesting article about banned words. It is a list of 40 words that a certain college university wants to ban everybody from using…ever. ... more


Protecting Our Second Amendment Rights

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution reads, “a well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.... more


A love story

This is a love story. ... more


Specialty Crops

This time of year, you have probably already made a plan. You know what you’re going to grow and where it’s going to go. ... more


Advocating for Nebraska’s Agriculture

Everyone agrees agriculture is important to Nebraska and vital to the U.S. economy. ... more

Blowing the cobs out

Spring is a busy time of year on the ranch.... more


Chocolate Prairie Dogs

Did you know Australia has declared war on the Easter bunny? ... more


Ol’ Buddy

Ernie’s an artist. He’s a rawhide man. He plaits California vaquero style headstalls, romals, reins, reatas and other fancy stuff. When you ride with Ernie you always feel like yer in a parade. ... more


Government by the People

The Nebraska Breakfast is a 75-year old tradition, the longest-running state delegation breakfast of its kind. ... more

Surprises in town and on the ranch

I think I’ve mentioned here before that I took a winter job at a convenience store in Kimball this year.... more

Baby calves and the energy curve

So, what’s this hard deck, and what does it have to do with baby calves and the energy curve? ... more


Dumb Warning Labels

Every so often you hear that people nowadays are being “dumbed down.” ... more


A pox on this column

A man in Wahoo, Neb., said he ate all the eggs he could. ... more


Celebrating National Ag Week

Nebraska agriculture has a great story to tell, and I am proud to represent the top-producing ag district in the country. Because of the dedication and efficiency of our producers, our state plays a leading role in feeding the world.... more