Old-fashioned dads

Backroad Ramblings

Some call them persnickety, 

Grouchy or sad

Some say they’re intolerant, 

They say they’re plain bad.

But the world would be better

And we all would be glad 

If we had more around now…

An old-fashioned Dad.

An old fashioned Dad

Let you know where you stood

Get spanked if you’re bad, 

Get treats if you’re good.

They said “Tell the truth”

 “Shut the door”, “Check the oil”,

“Keep your eye on the ball”

“And always be loyal” 

When there were more 

Old fashioned Dads in the world,

Men didn’t go around 

Trying to be girls

They loved us, protected us

And worked hard each day

They told us dumb jokes

And they hated ballet.

There’s not many left,

They don’t fit in much

With a world full of

 Idiots, morons and such 

But anyone who had one, 

Is thankfully glad

That we got the best kind…

An Old-Fashioned Dad.

Happy Father’s Day.


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