Legislators say ‘no’ to special session

LINCOLN, Neb. – Secretary of State John Gale says his office has not received the requisite number of signatures from state senators indicating that they would join the effort to call a special session of the legislature to deal with property taxes. 

The deadline to submit a letter to the Secretary of State was 5 p.m. Monday. 

The initial letter requesting the special session, was submitted to the Secretary of State on April 10, and included signatures from 13 state senators. The remaining state senators were notified by Sec. Gale that they had 10 days to submit similar statements indicating that they were joining that effort. 

The only additional letter was submitted by Senator Merv Riepe from District 12 Monday afternoon.

Under state law, approval from at least two-thirds of the legislature (33 senators) would have been necessary to move ahead with the call for a special session.

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