It’s National Nutrition Month. Are you getting the nutrients you need?

SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb., – It’s National Nutrition Month and the beginning of spring − two great reasons to return to the basics of healthful eating.

Lori Miller, RD, CDE, director of Food and Nutrition Services at Regional West, said good nutrition is the key to good health − both physical and mental.

“As nutritionists, we advise everyone to eat a combination of foods from different food groups in order to get the right amount of nutrients to stay healthy,” Miller said.

A healthy diet includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein, and low fat or non-fat dairy. Nutrients from these food groups are vital for human growth, development, and function. A diet that includes a variety of foods from all food groups will provide the nutrients that are essential for good health.

“The simplest way to improve your diet to get the nutrients you need is to replace packaged and processed food with fresh, natural foods whenever possible,” Miller said. “To be successful in improving your diet, you may want to start out by making small changes in the way you eat.”

One way to do that is to add a fresh salad to your diet once a day. Or to replace one sweet treat with fresh fruit. Once these changes become a habit, it will be easier to make more changes.

Good nutrition doesn’t require a lot of effort or sacrificing your favorite foods. To build a healthier diet, be sure to think in terms of color, variety, and freshness when planning
your meals.

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