Dumb Warning Labels

Backroad Ramblings

Every so often you hear that people nowadays are being “dumbed down.” 

It’s hard to believe that when you look around, though. After all, we have vehicles that drive themselves. We have phones that have cameras, computers, GPS and a million other things on them. We have ways of talking to people on the other side of the world just like they were in the same room. 

With all this great technology around, how could anyone possibly be dumb?

But then, I read an article about warning labels. Did you know there are labels on chain saws that warn you not to hold on to the wrong end? A sleeping pill declares, “May cause drowsiness” and a washing machine warns you not to put people in it.

Okay, do the companies think they are selling to morons? Do they really think anyone that dumb could be trusted with money?

But then I found out the labels are there because some idiot did something to put it there. Companies have been sued so many times for stupid reasons, they’re simply trying to protect

So, instead of getting mad about the world being dumbed down, I decided to laugh about it. Here are some of the best dumb warning labels:

“Should be serviced and installed by a professional mechanic” – for a bicycle bell.

“Use caution when operating a car” – on a bottle of dog pills.

“Do not use match or open flame to check fuel level” – on a
jet ski.

“This product may contain eggs” – a carton of eggs.

“AVOID DEATH!” - a small New Holland Tractor

“Do not use for personal hygiene” – on a can of Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner.

So, if you are going through your day and see some label that makes you wonder what the world is coming to, you can blame the lawyers and the morons who try to get rich off frivolous lawsuits, or you can laugh…and be glad you weren’t
the moron.