Chocolate Prairie Dogs

Backroad Ramblings

Did you know Australia has declared war on the Easter bunny? It’s true. It seems they’re not too crazy about rabbits down under, because rabbits are not a native species. They out-eat the natives, make huge messes of the vegetation, and multiply like…well, rabbits. 

The war on rabbits has been going on ever since the 1800’s. Clear back in 1907 they put up a 1,100-mile rabbit proof fence. Even that wasn’t enough to keep the little buggers at bay, so every so often they introduce some new rabbit virus. It doesn’t wipe them out, but at least it takes them down a little. Needless to say, Australian farmers hate them as much as we hate prairie dogs, so it’s no wonder nobody is crazy about the Easter bunny down there. 

But a few years ago, they got the candy companies to start making chocolate “bilbies.” This is a native rodent with big ears that looks like a cross between a rabbit and a mouse. Aussies like their bilbies, and as one man put it, “What better way to teach children about native species than to cover them with chocolate”?

It was these very words that gave me a great idea. We get irritated at silly city folk who think we are cruel when we try to keep prairie dogs out of our fields. But what if we got some candy companies to make chocolate covered prairie dogs…out of vile tasting chocolate. For good measure you could put rocks in it so people would break their teeth. This might sound mean, but it would sure make people hate prairie dogs, no matter how cute they are.

I think it’s worth a try, if we could just get the candy companies on board. The problem is, they like to make money, and if they put out a product that everybody hated, that wouldn’t happen.  So, I suppose we’ll just have to keep telling those silly city folks what despicable, foul, hateful little pests they are, and hope someday they will believe us.  

In the meantime, we can enjoy our chocolate Easter bunnies, even if the Aussies don’t. And we can enjoy our Easter dinner and our Easter eggs and our pretty new Easter clothes. And most of all we can enjoy Easter services, where we can go and celebrate the reason for Easter. 

After all it really has nothing to do with chocolate or bunnies or even prairie dogs. Easter is about the Resurrection of Christ. Happy Resurrection Day.